Governing Board

Governed by a community board with strong consumer representation (51 percent), the clinic is well regarded for its expertise in providing medical, dental and mental health care to immigrants, people of color and those without health care insurance.

Who is the Board?

We are EARS in the community and VOICES for the clinic.

The community governing board listens and makes certain the clinic meets the needs of the community and represents the clinic in the community.

We are responsible for the way the clinic operates.The governing board defines the mission of the clinic and makes certain it is upheld, we make policies for clinic operations, we watch over the finances of the clinic, we select, evaluate, and support the Executive Director, we monitor and evaluate the clinic and our operation as a board, and we plan for the future of the clinic.

Who can be on the governing board?

Anyone with an interest in the clinic and how it operates. The board has between 11 and 15 members. The majority of board members must be consumers of the clinic’s services (medical, dental or mental health), other members are interested individuals from the community.

If your interested in applying to be on our governing board, please email for application information.