Education & Training

Community-University Health Care Center’s (CUHCC) educational mission is to engage students in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to provide excellent urban health care.

Working in interprofessional teams, students learn to address health and disease with diverse peoples.

CUHCC: An Innovator in Urban Primary Care Education

I love the opportunity to work with professionals from multiple specialties.—Resident, Medicine/Pediatrics

CUHCC is one of the largest urban primary care teaching centers in Minnesota, where up to 250 health professional students, residents, and interns train at CUHCC annually.

We welcome students/residents from the University of Minnesota's Medical School, School of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, School of Social Work, Public Affairs, Language Programs, Carlson School of Management, and more. CUHCC also welcomes students from Argosy University.

Students and residents

  • Students and residents get real world experience working with a diverse patient population who span 12 race and ethnicities, are predominately poor, and have complex medical and mental health conditions.
  • Students and residents work in a clinic that is one the frontline for healthcare reform and interprofessional care.
  • Learn how to provide care to those who face socio-economic barriers to health and can refer patients to pro-bono legal, advocacy and triage services on-site.
  • Learn how to provide care for patients who have limited English proficiency, often teaming with interpreters during visits or for follow-up care.
  • Train alongside teams of providers who represent social work, dentistry, psychiatry, medicine, pharmacy, public health, nursing, and psychology.
  • Participate in quality improvement projects, such as care coordination or patients who are on 20 or more medications.
  • Consult with an active patient advisory group to hear and understand the patient’s experiences.

Woman standing outside of CUHCC

Largest Urban Primary Care Training Center in Minnesota

"CUHCC is an urban specialty clinic as it is tailored to reach people with extra challenges. CUHCC has really helped me to see that I am the same as our patients. We all want personal health, health for our families, and to be cared for by others. We all have barriers to getting what we need… some more than others."—Ann Molitor, DNP student

Small group of doctors working together

Frontline for Health Care Reform and Interprofessional Care

"I love the opportunity to work with professionals from multiple specialties. I can get an immediate psych consult and work directly with the pharmacist to solve problems and make sure the patient is actually getting and taking the right medications.”—Tim Capecchi, Med-Peds Resident

Young girl smiling

Real World Experience with Diverse Population Health Issues

"I've learned to provide care using the third way. I see through the lens of my western medical training, but accept that my patient interprets the illness through his cultural or spiritual lens. Together we forge the third way- by focusing on our common goal of health; blending quality medical care with cultural beliefs."—Ryan Coon, Psychiatry Resident