Sign Up for MyChart

What can you do with MyChart? 

- Send messages to your providers

- Review lab & test results

- Schedule appointments

- Request medication refills

- Have a video appointment with your provider


How do I sign-up?

To sign up for MyChart  you will need an one time unique activation code. An activation code is a set of ten numbers and numbers. You will only need to use this one time, and you need your own activation code (you cannot share with anyone).

To get an activation code you can:

  1. Call CUHCC at 612-414-8871 and our staff will give you an activation code. 


  1. Go to this website: and request for an activation code. You will need to enter your full name, address, birthdate and legal sex.

To complete MyChart sign up

You must enter the activation code at this website: On this website you will enter your activation code, zipcode and birthdate to gain access to your MyChart account. 

Sign and Return Your Telehealth Consent

English Consent Form 

Formulario de consentimiento en Español 

Foomka ogolashada ah af Somali

We have several ways for you to return the consent :

1.   Send an email to confirming you have read the document and consent using the following verbiage.

"I, PATIENT NAME received and consent to the CUHCC consents in this email." OR "I, PARENT/GUARDIAN'S NAME, parent of CHILD'S NAME consent to the CUHCC consents in this email."

2.    Print out the document, sign it, scan it, and return it via email to  

3.    Mail it back to the clinic address: 2001 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

4.    Fax the consent to CUHCC at 612-426-4710